Simplify your software testing without writing code


Test efficiently

Save time and money by automating reptitive tasks and processes without needing to write any code.


Confirm Expectations

Automatically validate that things work and appear the way you expect them to.


Explore possibilities

Test different browsers, resolutions, and devices from a single snapshot without having to repeat yourself

Create automated tests without writing any code

ButterflyFX can record user interactions and automatically test them through a user friendly interface that doesn’t require any prior technical knowledge or engineering skills. This empowers your team to recover time and resources that are normally wasted by performing reptitive tasks.

Automatically detect important changes

ButterflyFx has the ability to monitor interactions for changes in behavior or compare them to what they looked like in previous versions. This allows your team to validate expectations for processes, workflows, and general appearance without having to click through every page. Meaningful changes can be automatically highlighted with detailed explanations of why they occurred.

Capture once, test many possibilities

ButterflyFX allows you to capture snapshots of a single page app or webpage that can be automatically reproduced on different browsers, devices, or form factors. These snapshots can be rendered as normal html that allow them to be inspected, manipulated, and analyzed through your browser in ways that aren’t possible with images alone. A single snapshot will allow you to see what something looks like on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and more.